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Practical Sailer May 2007 Article

Shining Star: Poli Glow Hull Restorer - After three years baking in the Florida sun, it is still working.

In 2003, testers coated this boats hull with three hull restorers: Poli Glow (bow), Vertglass (amidships), and New Glass 2 (aft and stern). Poli Glow's sheen (above) and water-beading action (inset right) are still visible on the boat's bow.

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Having owned boats over the past 25 years, I have heard claims about products that are easy to use and do the job quickly with little effort. Too often those are false claims. It is so nice to see that once again the Poli Glow people have come up with another winner of a product.

We have owned Speranza, our 38 foot Endeavour sailboat for the past 15 years and put Poli Glow on from the start adding a couple of coats each year. We decided to clean the hull by removing all the old Poli Glow and start over. We used Poli Strip to do the job.

Poli Strip was a breeze to apply with a very controlled applicator spray nozzle. All you have to do is follow the directions of spraying on the product and then wait 3-5 minutes for the stripper to do the work. You then just wipe it down removing the Poli Glow with one application. We took off all 15 years worth of Poli Glow that was applied to the hull quickly and with no real effort. The entire boat was done in less than 10 hours. It did no harm to our vinyl name decal on the transom.

What a wonderful product - we can't wait to see the boat shine with her new fresh coat of Poli Glow.

Bill Strauss
Chicago, IL


Powerboat Reports - January 2007

Most PBR readers take meticulous care of their boats, faithfully cleaning and waxing the hull to keep it in boat-show condition. But sometimes life gets in the way, and the hull may be (dare we say) neglected for a season. In fact, the gelcoat could be so far gone that even a good wax will not bring her back to life.

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Practical Sailer 2006 Article

I just delivered my 1989 Catalina 42 from Annapolis, Maryland to Fort Pierce, Florida. While every other boat I saw on the Intracoastal Waterway developed an "ICW mustache," five months after applying Poli Glow my boat is as shiny as new. No mustache, no black streaks, and the exhaust wiped off with a sponge. Poli Glow's ability to repel stain makes it a winner with me. All the waxes I tried would stain faster than bare fiberglass. I followed the application instructions.. The hull did have a light layer of oxidation before I started. Though it sounds like a lot of steps, (six coats you say?) the total application process was much easier than cleaning compounding and waxing the hull.

The Catalina 42 Island Time still gleams, shortly after applying Poli Glow and five months later in Florida

Guy H. Collins
Avondale, Penn. Via e-mail


High Praises with Poli Glow

We have an elderly couple who owns a Marine Trader 38 who has expressed high praises in your product Poli Glow. She expressed great ease in the application as opposed to years of applying wax and removal. The simple process of multi coats have made their life much easier. Also completely satisfied with the results. They requested one thing; a second applicater. She refers to it as 'his and hers'.


Bob Willis, VP
The Sailing Emporium


A Reprint from Boating Magazine - Hull of a Glow

If your boat's hull looks dingier than a high-school locker, liven it up with a coat of Poli Glow. I used this polyurethane-based fiberglass polish on my old 1968 cruiser, and while it didn’t bring the finish back to showroom quality, I could once again see my reflection in the hull. I’ve tried a number of waxes and polishes on the hull and Poli Glow did in two hours what the rest couldn’t do at all.

Unlike petroleum-based products, Poli Glow doesn’t have an oil base that can harden, yellow and flake off. Instead, its water-based blend of polymers form a sealer that infiltrates the fiberglass and cures to a hard finish that soap and water won’t rinse off.

Your hull has to be squeaky clean and dry, plus you must remove all oxidation and old wax before this liquid polish can work its magic. Poli Glow comes with an applicator and is available in 16- and 32-oz. bottles. The 32 oz. size was just enough for my 32-footer. Contact Poli Glow at 800-922-5013.

S. Reininger


Practical Sailor 2004 Article - Gelcoat Restoration: Back From the Dead

We used hull restorers from Vertglas, Poli-Glow, and New Glass-2 to revive a beaten and battered powerboat, and included Collinite's Fiberglass Boat Wax as part of the test, too.

In the January 1 issue, we reported the beginning of a long-term wax test. Included is a product called Poli Glow, which is actually not a wax but a "hull restorer" that has tested well for us before, and that continues to get good reviews from readers.Then we decided it was time to face off the hull restorers again. Initially, we were going to stick to restorers only, but Nick Buchanan, proprietor of Scuba-Do Yacht Detailers in Sarasota, FL, assured us that he could bring back a fiberglass gelcoat the old-fashioned way, with wax. So we decided to include a wax, too, thus making sort of a mirror-image experiment to go with the wax story.

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