The Gloss That's Boss!


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ABOUT Poli Ox™  

If you own an older Boat or RV, you know the headache that oxidation, stains, and rust cause. Oxidation occurs from the elements including UV radiation from the sun, moisture, and extreme temperatures. This causes the gelcoat to break down, forming a chalky white residue on the surface. 

This residue is actually the breakdown of the polymers in the gel coat. The elements can also cause cracking or peeling and fading of the decals, and a bleached out look to the colors in the gelcoat. The oxidation is generally more extreme in darker-colored vehicles than in lighter colors. Your Boat or RV now looks old and worn out.

Not good. As it degrades, the gelcoat loses its protective barrier and becomes even more porous, allowing water and dirt, or oil, gas, and other byproducts from the waterways and roadways to get in and damage and stain that precious gelcoat of your prized possession.

To prevent oxidation and staining, you know you need to seal it with Poli Glow®. But before you seal it, you need to get rid of all that nasty oxidized gelcoat, stains, dirt, and grime, so Poli Glow®can penetrate into the pores of the gel coat and properly seal and protect your Boat or RV.

That is where Poli Ox
comes in, the power scrubber for heavy oxidation, stains, and light scratches.

If you really want those colors to pop and obtain a #glossthatsboss™when applying Poli Glow®, then use Poli Ox™ to strip that layer of heavy oxidation and reveal the original colors, which will once again look as vivid as the day you purchased your Boat or RV.

Poli Ox™ is a powder-based cleaner that eliminates:

  • Heavy Oxidation
  • Rust
  • Oil
  • Mineral Deposits
  • Grease
  • Fish blood
  • Light Scratches
  • Scum lines
  • Brown water stains

We love this product because of its versatility. Apply Poli Ox with a Microfiber Towel to stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, glass, watermarks, and even decking and exterior finishes - and see all of those surfaces come to life again. 

It is also great at eliminating tiny scratches and swirls you may have missed. Poli Ox’s™ deep-cleaning power ensures maximum adherence of Poli Glow® and adds length and durability to the protective coating on your Boat or RV.


Here from a few satisfied Poli Ox™ Customers

"Worked when nothing else did, easy, with just a scrubbing pad!" -K.R.

"Poli Ox, Poli Prep and Poli Glow are my Standard for a shinny hull!" -Thomas O.

Directions for use:
  1. Moisten the ultra-fine sanding pad with water and sprinkle Poli Ox onto the wet pad.

  2. Work the Poli Ox into the pad to avoid spillage.

  3. Wet the oxidized surface with water and scrub the area with the ultra-fine sanding pad until the oxidation and staining has been removed.

  4. Rinse thoroughly with water.

  5. Repeat as necessary. The surface should look uniformly dull without color changes or blotches. Some of the colors will still appear dull until Poli Glow® has been applied.

  6. If any residue of Poli Ox™ remains, take 2-4 ounces of Poli Wash in a bucket with 3-5 gallons of water and wash the surface with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse well with water. 

  7. Allow to air dry or use a microfiber towel to dry your vehicle. Your Boat or RV is now ready for Poli Glow®.

Please note: Follow the
instructionscarefully in the Complete Guide to Poliglow If your boat or RV has been exposed to the elements for many years without any protective sealer, thenPoli Ox™ is a must. Please check out our Poli Glow Deluxe Kit which includes all the products you may need to remove the oxidation and apply that high gloss shine. 

When To purchase an individual bottle of
Poli Ox™: 
  1. If you already purchased Poli Glow® and need to remove oxidation and staining from the surface of your Boat before you apply Poli Glow®,

  2. If you purchased a Poli Glow® Deluxe Kit and your Boat or RV is longer than 28 feet,

  3. If your gelcoat was highly oxidized and you need a little extra Poli Ox™,

  4. If you are applying a maintenance coat and have some damage or scuffing to the Poli Glow® finish (see Guide to Poli Glow® Maintenance and Removal).


"This is a really great product" -Phillip S.