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Poli Glow is a proven concept in boat polish and is 'NOT' a boat wax. It is easily applied. It wipes on without the need for rubbing or buffing. It will not wash off with soap and water. And lasts for over 12 months!

Poli Glow will work on the following: RV's, Boats, Canoes, Motorhomes, Painted Fiberglass, Painted Metals, Rubber and Vinyl Lettering.


Poli Glow Without Applicator
Poli Glow Boat Polish Kit

Poli Glow without Applicator
CAD $72.99


Complete Poli Glow Boat Polish Kit
CAD $107.99

32 oz Poli Glow, 32 oz Poli Prep, 7" Applicator & Scrubby Pad. This kit includes enough products for up to a 32' boat or a 34' RV.

Poli Strip Liquid Concentrate

Poli Strip Liquid Concentrate
CAD $38.99

32 oz Poli Strip Liquid Concentrate. Removes Poli Glow protective boat finishes.

Individual Items Sold Separately

Poli Glow Kit
CAD $ 107.99

Poli Glow without Applicator
CAD $ 72.99

Poli Glow with Applicator
CAD $ 80.99

32 oz Poli Prep
CAD $ 35.99

Mitt Applicator
CAD $ 15.99

RETURN POLICY - If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return product for a full refund less shipping and handling within 12 months.

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