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Poli Glow Products was established in Miami, Florida, based on an idea by the founder and President, Howard Marsch. After moving to Florida in the late 1960’s, and being an avid fisherman, Howard purchased a boat in the Florida Keys. Trying to maintain the shine on his pride and joy proved challenging as Howard attempted many different waxes, polishes and compounds with less than limited success. Over the years, he came to realize that even the best waxes did not last long and did not keep faded gelcoat looking new. In the mid 1980’s Howard decided to try a gelcoat restorer, and although it worked well, he felt that it could still be much improved. With these thoughts in mind, Poli Glow and Poli Prep were developed.

In 1991, after years of testing and perfecting, Poli Glow and Poli Prep were introduced to the Florida market. Sales quickly grew and demand for the product reached far beyond expectations.

The Poli Glow system was first introduced to the Canadian market at the 1997 Toronto Boat International Boat Show. Canadian distributor Craig Ludington saw the amazing results of Poli Glow in 1996 while using it on a friend's boat in Tampa, Florida. Being around boats his entire life, Craig was all too familiar with the inevitable failure of traditional waxes and compounds and quickly saw the astonishing difference in shine and appreciated the ease of application. Poli Glow Canada distributes Poli Glow products across Canada. Poli Glow is also available in Australia, New Zealand, The Caribbean, Hong Kong, South Africa and Europe. The UV inhibitors used in Poli Glow contain the latest products developed for clearcoats. The Company spends more money on UV inhibitors than all the rest of the ingredients combined in Poli Glow.

Both Poli Glow and Poli Prep are environmentally friendly products.

Poli Glow Products Inc. has also expanded to include a wide range of products for the marine and RV industry. All products are unique and of the highest quality available on the market. To enhance customer convenience, all of the products have their own UPC code.



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