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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Approximately how much will a 32oz. bottle of Poli Glow cover?
A. A 32oz. bottle will typically cover up to a 30-32' Boat or RV with 4-6 coats of Poli Glow. The product is applied in thin coats, so it goes a long way.

Q. Can I apply Poli Glow over wax?
A. No. All wax needs to be removed from the surface prior to using Poli Glow.

Q. Why do I need to use Poli Prep first?
A. Poli Prep is designed to remove any wax, light stains, or light oxidation from the surface. It's important that the surface is clean, dull, and uniformed before you apply the Poli Glow.

Q. Will Poli Prep remove wax or oxidation?
A. Yes. Poli Prep will remove wax and light oxidation. If you have heavy oxidation or a darker colored surface, it's best to use Poli Ox along with the Prep to insure that all oxidation has been removed.

Q. What kind of sprayer do you suggest for Poli Prep?
> A. A trigger sprayer is ideal. Which can be found in the cleaning aisle or gardening section of most stores.

Q. What do I use to apply Poli Glow with?
A. With the Poli Mitt Applicator. Poli Glow cannot be sprayed on.

Q. Can I apply Poli Glow over my decals or vinyl graphics?
A. Yes, Poli Glow is safe to use over your decals or graphics. In fact, if you have any new stickers that you would like to apply to the surface you need to do so before using Poli Glow. You cannot apply any decals to the fiberglass once Poli Glow has been applied.

Q. Can I use Poli Glow on Aluminum?
A. Poli Glow cannot be used on bare aluminum. However, you can use it on painted aluminum.

Q. Is Poli Glow applied like a wax?
A. No. There is no "wipe on, wipe off". Do not apply Poli Glow in circular motions. Apply Poli Glow by wiping in one direction, top to bottom or side to side.

Q. Does it make a difference if I apply Poli Glow over the entire surface one coat at a time? Or should I work in smaller areas?
A. It is best to work in smaller sections. For example, work in a 4'x6' area at a time. Apply a minimum of 4 to 6 coats and move on to the next section.

Q. How long does it take for Poli Glow to dry?
A. Each coat dries in approximately 1-2 minutes depending on the temperature (minimum temperature for application is 55°F).

Q. What can I use on my non-skid?
A. Since Poli Glow is slippery when wet, you can use our Poli Grit Kit to seal and protect your non-skid.

Q. How often should I re-apply Poli Glow?
A. Poli Glow is not a one time application. It needs to re-applied every 10-12 months.

Q. Do I use Poli Prep again before I do my maintenance coats?
A. No, Poli Prep is only necessary when prepping the surface prior to using Poli Glow or in the removal of Poli Glow. So you would only need to use a mild dish soap to clean the fiberglass before applying the maintenance coats. Avoid using boat or car soaps (most of them have wax in it).

Q. How do I remove Poli Glow?
A. Use Poli Strip Aerosol or Poli Strip Liquid Concentrate. Always wear vinyl or plastic disposable gloves. Mix Poli Strip Liquid Concentrate 2 parts water to 1 part concentrate is a spray bottle or pump up sprayer. Spray Poli Strip on a 4x5 square foot area, move around a scrub pad, and rinse off thoroughly with clean water.

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